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About the Festival

The London One Act Festival (LOAF) began in 1999 with seven plays at the Old Factory Theatre. In 2000 the festival moved to The McManus Studio in the Grand Theatre.

As well as growing in length and number of performances, the Festival has also expanded its focus to encompass more of London's artistic community, including displays of artwork by area artists and pre-show musical entertainment provided by local entertainers. 

The festival consists of two nights of previews and two nights of adjudicated performances. The adjudication gives the performers, writers and directors an opportunity to learn from the experience.  
A workshop for participants takes place on the Sunday of the festival. The workshop will be followed by an awards ceremony. Each year the awards are made by local artisans. In the past we have had a blacksmith, potter, metal worker and painter create unique and cherished mementos. 

The Festival attracts people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds who are interested in the chance to have their work - acting directing, writing, technical skills - seen by a diverse audience in a creative environment.




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