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London One Act Festival 
October 24 to 27, 2018
August 1, 2018

The London One Act Festival is a week-long competition of short plays of any genre running 30 minutes or less. 

McManus Studio Theatre, Grand Theatre, London, Ontario 

October 21: Technical rehearsal
October 22 and 23: Dress rehearsals
October 24 and 25: Preview performances, unadjudicated 
October 26 and 27: Adjudicated performances. 
October 28: Workshops and awards ceremony


TO REGISTER: Please fill out the submission form and submit. Scripts can be emailed by August 1, 2018 to mduncanson@sympatico.ca with the subject heading LOAF Submission. This form will be available in May, 2017.

The $50 registration fee, payable to London One Act Festival, can be sent separately by August 1:

Maridon Duncanson
2601-363 Colborne Street
London, Ontario N6B 3N3

Original scripts are encouraged. The number of plays accepted will be dictated by the total performance time. Competitors are responsible for acquiring rights to plays and paying any royalties. The London One Act Festival reserves the right to decline or accept material based on length, genre or graphic nature of subject material. Plays will be chosen by blind adjudication.


Participants provide their own cast, crew, etc. The London One Act Festival and the McManus Studio Theatre will provide basic lighting, dressing room space, technical support, and front of house staff. MINIMAL SETS AND MINIMAL TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS are essential.

The time limit of 30 minutes must be strictly adhered to.

The London One Act Festival will look after ticket sales, posters, programs, publicity and adjudication. LOAF will provide a table, couch, chair and a few accessories, to be determined. Participants are asked to keep these set pieces in mind when staging their performances.

HIGH SCHOOL PRODUCTIONS: We are thrilled and delighted to receive submissions from high school and youth groups. We do require, however, that there is a teacher or other adult who can provide some direction and/or assistance.

Money will be returned to groups not selected. For those plays accepted, the registration money may be refunded through profit sharing at the end of the festival. Accepted plays that are withdrawn by the directors after the orientation date (TBA) will not have their registration fee refunded.
Deadline: Registration deadline is August 10, 2017. All supporting material must also be submitted by that date.

For further information contact Maridon Duncanson